Feather Grey Linen Extra Tall Cone Lampshade

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This listing is for a high quality lampshade hand rolled in a Feather Grey Linen. It can also be customised with your choice of white or metallic lining.


This extra tall lampshade comes in a height of 50cm with a tapered cone shaped design.


Size (diameter x height):

Base Diameter 30cm x Top Diameter 15cm x Height 50cm


All of our shades have a standard 40mm European fitting with a 25mm converter disc fitted for the UK and elsewhere; all are made with flame retardant PVC.



Feather Grey Linen Extra Tall Cone Lampshade

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Written by Francesca on 16th Dec 2021

Beautifully Made

Beautifully made and lovely shape.

Height: 50.00
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