Light Grey Lampshade in Velvet with Champagne Lining

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A high quality drum lampshade, handmade with a Light Grey Velvet. The interior of the lampshade has also been lined with metallic champagne.

• Professionally rolled edge and lined with a rigid flame retardant materials,
• Available as either a ceiling light shade or a standing lamp shade,
• Supplied with a 40mm EU fitting plus a 29mm converter disc for the UK fittings,
• Use of a maximum 60w bulb recommended.


Available in the following sizes:


• 20cm diameter x 20cm / 25cm height.


• 25cm diameter x 21cm / 27cm / 34cm height.


• 30cm diameter x 21cm / 27cm / 34cm height.


• 35cm diameter x 22cm / 26cm / 30cm height.


• 40cm diameter x 23cm / 26cm / 30cm height.


• 45cm diameter x 25cm / 28cm height.



Light Grey velvet lampshade with metallic champagne lining

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