Taupe Brown Lampshade in Velvet with Copper Lining

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A high quality drum lampshade, handmade with a Taupe Velvet. The interior of the lampshade has also been lined with Brushed Copper.

• Professionally rolled edge and lined with a rigid flame retardant materials,
• Available as either a ceiling light shade or a standing lamp shade,
• Supplied with a 40mm EU fitting plus a 29mm converter disc for the UK fittings,
• Use of a maximum 60w bulb recommended.


Available in the following sizes:

• 20cm diameter x 20cm / 25cm height.

• 25cm diameter x 21cm / 27cm / 34cm height.

• 30cm diameter x 21cm / 27cm / 34cm height.

• 35cm diameter x 22cm / 26cm / 30cm height.

• 40cm diameter x 23cm / 26cm / 30cm height.

• 45cm diameter x 25cm / 28cm height.

Taupe Velvet Lampshade with Metallic Copper Lining

Product Reviews

Written by Fayre Hardy on 24th May 2021

Taupe Brown Velvet and Metallic Copper Lampshade

The easiest way to say how much I loved this is ... to buy another design from here. Just sorting out my samples. Beautiful lampshade, lovey fabric and lining, reasonable price, made personally for ME! What can you not like?

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